Bespoke Stone

What to do if you would like us to make you a bespoke planter 

1/ If you are looking for a bespoke planter in Marble, Granite, Travertine, Limestone, Slate or Onyx, please browse our ranges below. These are just a few samples of stone we can aquire. 

2/ Initially, it helps us if you can inform us of your plans for your bespoke planter so we can make sure you have the stone best suited for its intended purpose. Such as:

a/What look are you hoping to achieve? b/Is it to blend in with your decor or is it as a statement piece? c/Is it for indoors or outdoors? d/Where will your bespoke stone planter be situated? e/ Is it going to be used in a show garden? 

3/ Once you have spoken to us and you are happy about the type of stone and style of planter you would like us to create, we will ask you to pay the agreed price and we will make arrangements to have the stone shipped to us if we don't have it in already. Obviously, the earlier you make arrangements the better if you have a completion date in mind.

4/ If you have not been able to see the stone you are looking for on our website, please get in touch with us stating your vision. You can also send us any images that may help us to understand your needs. We are here to help.

Please note we do not carry very much bespoke stone in stock. There are new choices constantly becoming available to us as well as others being discontinued, and some stone we can only purchase in set sizes. There will be a time period between your order and us actually obtaining your stone and producing your bespoke stone planter. This can be weeks or even months if that particular stone is harder to acquire at that time, but we will discuss that at the time, and keep you in the loop of the situation at all times. If your particular stone of choice is unavailable we will discuss alternatives with you. Always get in touch with us first.

bespoke stone SWATCHES

Please ask us if you don't see the stone you are looking for. 

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