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Rosso Levante Italian Marble Planter




Impressive Rosso Levante Italian Marble Planter. It is predominantly a red/maroon & white, and sometimes has small green & black clusters of veining running through it creating a stunning visual impact. 

It stands alone to show off a nice plant and blends in beautifully with most decor to impress the guests. Perfect for anywhere in your home or business. 

Internally waterproof with a resin bonded fibreglass inner lining. No drainage hole dispelling worries about water spilling onto your floor. A cork matting base will protect your floors. Low maintenance and only needs a wipe over with a lint free duster and an occasional polish up with a proprietry product.

Size 30x30x30cm   Net weight 16kg.  Ship weight  P&P to be added.

Indoor planter.

*Each one is unique as no 2 stones are identical so the image is a representation of the difference. 

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